Crisis Centre –– ACLU

Offering help to individuals in the midst of a civil liberties crisis

Interaction Design
Robyn Goodridge
Sean Leach
Chris Elawa

Rapid Help in Crisis

The Crisis Center is a hub on the ACLU’s existing website that is the keeper and deployer of legal resources for individuals in urgent need of help in protecting their civil liberties. Individual crisis pages are adaptable to changing circumstances and provide people with help that ranges from quick tips to potential in-person legal representation.

Becoming Less Passive & Reactionary

The ACLU is the preeminent organization providing legal services related to the advocacy and protection of individuals’ civil liberties. Currently they focus their numerous resources, both human and informational on precedent setting cases. Thus, they are not well equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to individuals in moments of crisis.
Since we can't take on every worthy case, we usually select lawsuits that will have the greatest impact, cases that have the potential for breaking new ground and establishing new precedents that will strengthen American freedoms.”
The Crisis Center opens the opportunity for the ACLU to work from the bottom-up; by directly collecting data from more individuals reporting on their site, the ACLU could better identify potential cases to litigate as well as coordinate information with their partner organizations and new volunteers.
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